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Total Quality Associates - Speaking Engagements


Gary Nader is Principal Consultant of Total Quality Associates.  He has given numerous lectures and presentations throughout North America on business performance improvement.


Total Quality Associates would be pleased to provide your business or organization with a speaker to make a presentation relating to achieving business excellence and leadership development.

There are a variety of topics TQA could address from learning how to identify problems and opportunities in your business that you don't know exist through achieving performance excellence through people.

 Some presentation topics that audiences have found interesting are:

  • Leading or Cheerleading - What Type of Leader Are You?

  • Make Profit and Not Burnt Toast - How to Increase Profit by Conserving Materials and Human Energy.

  • Getting the Right People in the Right Seat on the Bus - Achieving Organizational Capability.

  • Performance Excellence through People - How to Harness Discretionary Effort.

  • Improving Improvement Teams - Secrets of Success.

Our presentation would be customized to meet your specific interests and information needs. If we can assist you with a speaker, please click here or call us at 413.244.5504



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