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>> Gary Nader, Principal Consultant, was recently appointed as Awards Committee Chairperson by the Massachusetts Chamber of Business and Industry.

This includes statewide awards for "Business of the Year" and "Employer of Choice". The award committee's responsibilities include developing the award criteria, defining the process, reviewing applications and  recommending award recipients.
For more information about these awards, contact the Chamber President, Debra Boronski at 1-617-512-9667

>> TQA's Principal Consultant, Gary Nader, recently presented the subject Key Performance Indicators – Are Yours Key to Improving Performance or an End in Themselves?” at the Financial Executives International's monthly dinner meeting.

KPIs have been around for a long time. Unfortunately, these often become pretty charts without a clear process to get KEY PERFORMANCE RESULTS or KPRs!

The speaker addressed important subjects like:
     How can KPIs be effectively deployed throughout the organization?
     7 deadly KPI sins and how to avoid them.
     What is a good process to use to get RESULTS?
     What is the connection between Lean/Kaizens/Six Sigma and KPIs?
Please contact us, if you would like more information on this subject.
TQA presented the topic:
Organizational and People Capability – How?
Getting the Right People in the Right Seat on the Bus

at the Miami, FL Chamber of Commerce's "HR Day". It addressed many of the factors that enable an organization to achieve Business Excellence through assuring capable people are with the right company and in the right position. Many of the attendees were from the Education and Health Services Industries.
 If you are interested in learning about this subject, please contact TQA.


>> TQA held a workshop in Hallandale, FL on:
 "Make More Green and Stop Burning the Toast"
This workshop provided practical tools for achieving Business Excellence. In attendance was the City Mayor, who strongly felt that these concepts & methods were really applicable to city departments for improving effectiveness and efficiency. In a time of shrinking tax revenues and increasing demands, this is most definitely the case!
 If you too are interested in learning about increasing profits, reducing work stress and raising customer satisfaction, please contact TQA.

>> In 2010 Total Quality Associates, with the assistance of KielyNet Web Design Services and, formally launched a new Internet website. The goal of the website is to promote the tools and techniques TQA has to offer with regard to business excellence, leadership, and overall performance improvement. It has received very positive feedback. One of our goals is to provide good educational value by posting white papers and tools, which will help visitors on their Business Excellence Journey.




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