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Gary Nader, Principal Consultant

Gary Nader is Principal Consultant of Total Quality Associates.  He consults internationally with companies in various industries with special emphasis on strategic planning, customer satisfaction, management leadership, performance improvement, work team development and cultural change.   Gary has a broad management background including positions in R & D, Materials and Logistics with Customer Service, Quality Assurance and Operations.  

  He served as Director of Total Quality within James River Corporation and a management board member of a $200 million business. Gary has extensive hands-on experience applying improvement methodologies in all aspects of manufacturing and non-manufacturing activities.  He has instituted many successful customer and supplier improvement breakthrough programs. Gary has received corporate awards for business performance excellence. He was one of the early leaders of ISO 9000 certification in North America and has been a featured speaker throughout the United States on this subject.  

Gary is a Certified Quality Manager, a Certified Quality Engineer and a Certified Quality Auditor.  He has served as an instructor in ISO 9000, Statistical Quality Control, Quality Management and Quality Auditing for the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maine . He has also been a seminar leader on performance excellence-related subjects for the Springfield Area Council for Excellence (SPACE). 

Gary has been engaged in all aspects of the continuous process for over 25 years.  He has provided consulting services in this area for large organizations such as Pirelli, James River Corporation, Dow Jones & Company, Monsanto and Mobil Chemical as well as for operations with less than 50 people.

Gary has given numerous presentations throughout North America on business performance improvement.  His paper "Applying Quality Methods in Non-Manufacturing Areas" received the Best Paper Award at the International Quality Congress in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Gerard ("Gerry") Kiely, Associate Consultant

Gerard (“Gerry") Kiely is an Associate Consultant of Total Quality Associates. Gerry holds an Executive Certificate in Business Administration from Notre Dame's Mendoza School of Business. He began his career in the quality sciences as a quality inspector for the K2 Ski Company on Vachon Island, Washington. He has gained an extensive background in quality management system auditing and root cause and customer complaint analysis. He worked as a Statistical Process Control Champion and Quality Improvement Implementer for the James River Corporation.  

Gerry has over 30 years of exposure to the manufacturing industry. He has been responsible for developing, maintaining and improving process control and for establishing systems to monitor and reduce manufacturing/service customer complaints. He served as a lead quality systems auditor and spearheaded efforts to develop, deploy and analyze nationally distributed customer satisfaction surveys. He is a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality and a Certified Quality Auditor. He also holds a Certificate in Quality Management from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Pamela Powers ('Pam") Powers Associate Consultant

Pamela Powers, Associate Consultant, is a Certified Quality Engineer and holds an MBA with emphasis on Operations Management. She has over 14 years of management experience in the areas of Quality Control, Customer Service and Distribution (domestic and international markets). She has extensive hands-on experience in successfully applying continuous improvement methods in both service and manufacturing applications. She specializes in training in work process improvement, supervisor coaching, customer service, and ISO 9000.

Ivan  Rizzo, Associate Consultant

Ivan is a degreed Industrial Engineer with specialization in Production Processes; including industrial safety & hygiene. He has achieved substantial operational cost reductions and improved safety performance thru continuous process improvements since 1993. The scope of his work includes designing new equipment, fixtures, work-cells and/or maintenance programs. As a highly capable “Root Cause Analyst”, Ivan develops new production methods in a “hands on” manner. Energy management and conservation are some of his other areas of expertise. Ivan is a Certified Building Operator and Continuous Process Improvement Champion. He has assisted private manufacturers, as well as public institutions, to reduce and eliminate non-value added costs by applying Business Process Reengineering to office and manufacturing processes. Ivan is trilingual in English, Italian & Spanish.





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