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Our Approach to Helping Companies
   Achieve Business Excellence since 1988

What Do We Do and How Do We Do It?


Total Quality Associates has a diverse background in helping client companies in a variety of areas. We also take a diverse approach in helping organizations achieve BUSINESS EXCELLENCE RESULTS, as exemplified by the diagram below.

Methodologies include conducting assessments, workshops, individual and group coaching, facilitation and direct participation/co-leadership in specific improvement projects and adjunct member of the leadership team. In other words, whatever will help the organization achieve business excellence! The diagram below illustrates our approach, with the ultimate outcome focusing on RESULTS.

Ways TQA Can Help You

Client Types include Financial, Accounting, Property Management, Sales and Customer Service, Material Handling/ Industrial/Electrical/Retail Distribution, all types of Manufacturing, such as web and chemical processing, electronics, thermoforming plastics, metal working, electromechanical and fiber optic cables. Clients have ranged from small family-owned businesses with under 15 employees to multi-national companies. Essentially, ANY ORGANIZATION can benefit from our services. 

Projects have included: business assessments, faster production cycle times, scrap and rework reduction, increasing productivity, extensive process improvement, establishing robust manufacturing systems, 5S, facility layout improvements, creating visual management systems, improving customer and employee satisfaction, new product selection and introduction processes, supplier performance, increasing employee engagement, greater team effectiveness, ISO 9000 certification, supervisor effectiveness, leadership coaching,  strategic planning and more. 

Workshops and Presentations on leadership, business excellence and problem solving have been attended by nearly all industries.




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