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This webpage is especially designed for you and links to white papers, articles and tools, with special emphasis for the Material Handling Industry. Over the last few years, I have participate in this industry as a presenter at Managers’ and Annual conferences, author of MHEDA journal articles, Webinar leader and provider of consulting/training services to material handling companies.

If you want to improve the bottom line, increase customer retention and transform your business, this web site will help you do that. As experts in process management & improvement, effective problem solving, team development and leadership coaching, we will work along with your organization (especially the leadership) to utilize these concepts, methods and tools to improve business processes, engage associates at a higher level and achieve sustainable results

See what John Maybury, President of Maybury Material Handling and Past President of MHEDA, has to say:

“We partnered with Gary Nader, Total Quality Associates, for over 5 years with outstanding business transformation results. He introduced many leadership, problem solving and process improvement practices and tools. This helped produce excellent financial results for many of the opportunity items listed below. For example, billing process cycle time certainly had a positive result on cash flow. More importantly, he helped us develop a culture of self managed teams, business excellence, and left a legacy of internal capability.  

Gary’s broad spectrum of experience and capability enabled us to use him for many aspects of our business excellence journey.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Gary Nader to my fellow MHEDA members, who want to improve their bottom line results and help transform their business.”

John Maybury, President 
Maybury Material Handling
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

If any of these opportunity areas interest you, please contact us. Special consideration is offered to MHEDA Members. 

  • Overall GP$ improvement.

  • Increase % rental utilization and reduction of maintenance $ as a % of rental revenue.

  •  Improve % First-Time-To-Fix (FTTF).

  • Increase % PM completions.

  •  Improving service response times, including t he service dispatch process.

  • Optimized van inventory, (inventory $ as a % of service revenue and % FTTF).

  •  Increasing inventory turns and reduction of obsolete/surplus inventory.

  •  Sales process effectiveness.

  •  Increase manufacturers’ warranty $ acceptance rate.

  •  Achieving manufacturers’ incentive goals.

  •  Shorten A/R cycle time for capital sales.

  •  Used equipment disposition and reconditioning process.

  •  Reduction in used equipment warranty $/occurrences.

  • Rationalization of discounted labor rates.

  • Full maintenance contract process for new and existing accounts.

  • Storage and Handling invoice cycle time.

  • Van inventory % variance.

  • Rental readiness process and fill ratio.

  • Accuracy of projected % GP for capital equipment.

  • Billing process cycle time and 100% capture rate.

Other general coaching areas include:

  • Strategic planning to the actionable level.

  •  Establishment and deployment of inter-connected company and departmental
    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  •  Customer satisfaction measurement and improvement.

  •  Assessment tools for evaluating individual capability vs. position requirements.

  • Performance Excellence through People; i.e.; high level of associate engagement.

  • Group and one-on-one coaching with the leadership team to achieve business results.

 Relevant Links: 

“Stop Scraping Burnt Toast” – A mini-tutorial on problem solving in the material
 handling industry. 

“Organizational and People Capability” – A collection of concepts and
methods that facilitate getting “the right people in the right seat on the bus”.

“Corner of Excellence” – monthly updated comments to assist your
 business transformation.





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